Finally a system of selling that doesn't depend on psyching up your ego. Bill has created a system that really works. Good is great.  --Al Ries, co-author, The Origin of Brands.  Author or co-author of at least eight best-selling books.

Sales Training: More Better Faster

I do not know a successful sales person who is not also intensely focused on self-improvement.

In addition to all their other interests, top rung sales people focus on improving their effectiveness in sales. It’s called "sales training."

You may be very fortunate to work for a gifted sales manager. Part of his or her job is to train you to be the best you can be.

The field of sales encompasses many subjects. Prospecting is just one.

My plan is: use this blog to develop some of the other subjects, such as productivity and proposal writing. See my two articles below.

I've posted two articles to this category. Many more will follow.

Time Management: Why Sales Professionals Should Not Prospect

This is a recap of a very important concept I have taught since 1986. No, I'm not preaching sales person starvation. I'm preaching sales person prosperity. Learn why time management requires that sales people NOT prospect.

Create a Winning Sales Proposal

For many sales people, the thought of creating a written anything inspires fear worse than (for some) public speaking. I am going to show you how to do it. Create a winning sales proposal right here.

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