If you want your sales to pick up, you need to pick up this book.  Crack it open and get ready to work!  Bill Good, the master of marketing and prospecting, will walk you down the road to success.  --Chris Gardner, CEO, Chris Gardner International Holdings, best-selling author, The Pursuit of Happyness

Readers Write

What’s your experience with Hot Prospects or even my earlier book, Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success?

"Bill Good is THE guru when it comes to the marketing of products and services for financial professions. I STRONGLY suggest you purchase anything he offers of how to be successful at offering products and services. He is a proven genius at marketing IMHO."
J.C. Scottsdale, AZ

"Bill Good is a genius! He knows sales and how to prospect. He taught me everything I needed to know through his systems and his writings, especially his book, Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success."
R.F. Columbus, MS

"The concepts in this book have changed the way I think about prospecting and have helped me dramatically improve the results from my prospecting calls every day. I have used Bill Good’s cold-calling concepts to build a niche business (retirement plan advice) from the ground up. I have used the Internet resources in this book to find the names of retirement plan participants to call at work, during the day. I then present, and briefly qualify those who are interested. I routinely open 10-12 new client relationships each month."
R.L. Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks in part to Bill Good's first book on prospecting; I have been part of Wall Street's 'Number One Team.' Read Hot Prospects and learn how to work your way up the sales ladder."
I.W. Red Bank, NJ

"What I learned from Bill Good helped make me a multimillionaire."
J.F. Rockville, MD

"Bill Good's approach and thinking helped propel my career as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and enabled me to move into sales management. Read Hot Prospects and Bill Good will help you do what I did."
K.V. Naperville, IL

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