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Sales Professionals: Do You Need A Coach?

Tiger Woods has a golf coach-Hank Haney.

Al Pacino, Julia Roberts, and Rod Steiger, along with countless other great actors and actresses, were all coached at The Actors Studio®. Many of them continued being coached long after winning Academy Awards®.

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric®, had a business coach before receiving the nod to take over as Chief Executive Officer. His name is Jack Welch.

Do you need a coach?

Whether you are interested in executive coaching, sales coaching, or even life coaching, let's first make certain we know exactly what the term "coach" means.

The concept is simple, but it must be understood in relation to another term, "teacher."

Teacher: One who imparts knowledge to others, usually in a structured school situation, but also on a more informal basis.

Coach: One who helps others implement knowledge gained to the point where it constitutes a skill.

A coach, especially a good one, takes what you know, frequently adds to it, but focuses on getting you to apply, and thereby become better at your particular skill.

So an acting coach would obviously work with an actor to help him or her perform better.

A golf coach might push, cajole, encourage, and provide feedback, all for the purpose of improving the skills which ultimately improve the game.

A business coach, in my opinion, should focus on getting the student to do those things successful people do, and which unsuccessful people do not. The end result: good coaching results in continuous improvement.

A prospecting coach would guide you into the development of a prospecting system that would deliver your target number of new customers. That's of course what you get with Hot Prospects. I will teach you how to do it. That's being a teacher. But I will also guide you through the steps necessary to have one or more new prospecting campaigns. That's my job as a coach. So when you order your prospecting book you really are getting a coach in a book for the price of the book.

To create action, a coach inspires. Certainly the best example I have ever seen on coaching is a little YouTube® video, an excerpt from the film "Facing the Giants." Take a few minutes and watch it, and the concept of coaching will be burned into your mind. If after you watch it, you still have not ordered the book, go and order your key to sales prospecting now.