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When it comes to prospecting and marketing, Bill Good is the master.  He prospected me until I had a one inch thick file of Bill Good letters; and he had me sold.  Bill Good taught me and mentored me to master my own unique system of prospecting.  I have no doubt Hot Prospects will help you live and finish rich -- it certainly has helped me.  Find what you like and apply it today!        -- David Bach # 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

Hot Prospects: A Working Book

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You may be wondering, what are all those cherries at the top of the page. They are half of a slogan I coined so people can remember what prospecting is all about. “Pick the cherries, not the pits.”

Before going any further, you really should watch “The True Story of Cherries and Pits.” It’s a few minutes long. It explains a lot.

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When you buy Hot Prospects, page 4 directs you to “Book Buyer’s Login.” If you glance at the top right of the screen on the Hot Prospects web page, you will see it. On that page, you learn that the password to the Marketing Material Vault is the last word on page 5 (without the period.)

According to me, “This is not a motivational book. I don’t have parables about mice moving cheese. These fables might make you feel good for a few hours, or days, and there is a time and place for these, but not here. If you want one of the “feel good” books, logon to Amazon®, search for “Motivational” and you’ll find more than fifty-five thousand choices.
This is a working book

I have already written for you:

31 Letters
24 Scripts
6 Checklists
1 White Paper Template
3 Letter Templates
4 Sample Direct Mail Letters
1 Proposal Guide
1 Sales Profile
2 Bonus Chapters
1 Web Resources Page
1 List Resources Page

Since I wrote the book, I’ve added a Sales Proposal Resource page which, among other things, contains a link to a wonderful (and FREE) sales proposal template.

So you not only get a STATE OF THE ART prospecting system, you get the core of what you need to make it happen. Without the letters, faxes, emails, scripts, procedures, and proposals, the “marketing theory” is just someone telling you to do even more work.

I know how hard you work. I’m a salesman too. If you have not yet ordered your copy, click on one of the links above on the right, and buy my book.

When you get it, find the last word on page 5. Visit my website, log in and explore the Marketing Materials Vault.

A Working Website

This website is very much a working site as opposed to a “kick back and smell the coffee” site. I have had it programmed so that I can update it easily, and you can leave your comments on the internal pages.

I will be writing on coaching, marketing, CRM, sales training, and whatever I want.

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Bill Good

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